• HoverCam Free Trial
  • HoverCam Free Trial
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Why Schools Choose HoverCam

Since our first shipment in 2010, schools have purchased over 150,000 HoverCams. Why do schools choose The HoverCam? Because we offer higher performance and more value. And, our new Solo 8 is possibly the best document camera ever built.

HoverCam Unique Features:

  • Highest Performance: Solo 8 is the world’s only USB 3.0 document camera with 8MP resolution, 4K clarity and a 30 frame/second refresh rate in high-resolution mode

  • Multifunctional: Only The HoverCam is four pieces of equipment in one: document camera, scanner, HD video recorder, HD webcam

  • Smallest Size: The HoverCam takes up significantly less space on a teacher’s desk

  • Software Functionality: Our software allows teachers to do more

  • Best Price: HoverCam costs less than other document cameras, without sacrificing quality

The HoverCam does more for teachers than a traditional document camera. Each HoverCam is also a scanner, HD video recorder and HD web camera. It’s USB powered and the one document camera designed to connect with interactive whiteboards out of the box and to easily fit on a teacher’s desk and can be used anywhere in the classroom. And, it’s half the price of traditional document cameras. Talk to teachers who have a HoverCam and you feel their passion for the HoverCam and how it enhances their lessons and saves them time. Talk to school principals and district IT managers and they’ll tell you about the quick ROI.

HoverCam Key Benefits:

  • Improves instruction
  • Saves teachers time and increases productivity
  • Saves schools and districts money

Higher Performance Means Better Instruction:

The HoverCam helps teachers visually communicate concepts in ways that allow students to better comprehend more quickly. Only the HoverCam Solo 8 delivers 8-megapixel resolution and a 30 frames/second refresh rate so live instruction has the clarity of a 4K HDTV. Live video images this good mean no distractions caused by the equipment during lessons. And, The HoverCam records HD 1080p video directly to a computer’s hard drive at 30 frames/second so teachers can record, annotate and playback the highest quality video to enhance their lessons.
HoverCam Saves Teachers’ Time
HoverCam saves teachers time allowing them to scan at their desk without going to the office. It allows them to quickly record flipped classroom videos directly to the computer, saving time compared to recording with a smartphone or video camera then downloading to a computer to edit. Because HoverCam is USB powered, teachers save time setting it up.

HoverCam Saves Schools & Districts Money

With HoverCam prices starting at $259 and our most advanced model only $530, the HoverCam saves schools about $200 - $300 per unit compared to the average price of traditional document cameras that do less. When a school or district purchases 100 HoverCams they could save $30,000. A purchase of 200 units could save $60,000.

Additional Benefits:

Save Desk Space HoverCam’s base--just 4” in diameter-- is significantly smaller than traditional document cameras saving space on a teacher’s desk. Using the HoverCam’s scanning and file management capability to digitize paper can help reduce desk clutter.

HoverCam Free Trial

30 Days Free Evaluation

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HoverCam Key Features:

Scan Right At Your Desk
HoverCam includes software for scanning and managing scanned files. Teacher’s save time scanning pages from a book, newspaper, magazine student homework and student portfolios right at their desk instead of the school office.

Easily Create Instructional Videos for Flipped Learning
The HoverCam includes a built-in microphone. Use the HoverCam to conveniently record HD quality video with audio directly to your computer’s hard drive. With the HoverCam, it’s easy to create your own instructional videos for the flipped classroom and flipped learning.
4K Clarity
Our Solo 8 provides superior image clarity when compared to document cameras two times the cost. We reinvented zoom so that you can zoom Solo 8 in and out in real time with the spin of the mouse wheel without any loss of clarity. It’s a great way to show a whole worksheet, two side-by-side pages of a book, rocks, an iPad, tablet, or smartphone screen. Only The HoverCam’s 8-megapixel camera is four times the resolution of HD 1080p and provides 4K clarity.

Industry Leading HoverCam Flex Software
Solo 8 was awarded “Best New Document Camera” at 2014 INFOCOMM, the leading trade show for professional audio-visual products. Our HoverCam Flex software is regarded as the best software of any document camera. It allows you to scan, record video, manage and share files, and more. It even works with interactive whiteboards, allowing you to easily show captured images and live video on your interactive board. And, the software is embedded inside the unit, making it easy to install anywhere without having to download from the Internet or a CD.
Distance Learning & Remote Conferencing
The HoverCam image appears in a window on your computer screen, which means high resolution images of documents and objects can easily be viewed during distance learning sessions with Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx and other web conferencing programs in “screen sharing” mode or selecting the HoverCam as the video camera. The HoverCam delivers HD quality and 30 frames/sec full-motion video over USB. The HoverCam provides sharper, clearer images in distance learning sessions than a typical low-res webcam. A great tool for virtual field trips

LED Lighting That Never Needs Changing
Have a dark room? No problem. The HoverCam works well in low light, and if your room is completely dark, the unit incorporates LED lights that never need changing. For the price of the replacement bulb of some traditional document cameras, you can buy a HoverCam.
USB Powered
Most HoverCam models are USB powered, so it’s just one connection from The HoverCam to the computer. This makes set-up easier and prevents cable spaghetti. The HoverCam is always connected to the computer, ready for the teacher to use in class at any time.

Engineering Masterpiece
The HoverCam is designed to leverage the processing power of the computer to zoom and control most functions, so it doesn’t incorporate the bulky and expensive optical parts found in traditional document cameras. The Solo 8 has reinvented zoom, so a teacher can zoom in on the finest details without any loss of clarity. The result is a patented, new form factor that’s compact, portable, durable and affordable. In summary, the HoverCam does more and costs schools less.
Free Test Drive For Schools
Interested in trying a HoverCam in your classroom free for up to 30 days? HoverCam offers schools an opportunity to evaluate a unit. Sign up for your evaluation today.

HoverCam Free Trial
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