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How do I get the most out of my HoverCam?

HoverCam is both a document scanner and a document camera, which offers full functionalities in both product categories at a fraction of peer product's costs.
  • Everyday scanning, copying, email/fax solution for offices.
  • HoverCam can be used a screen reader or video magnifier for visually impaired readers.
  • HoverCam is a visual presenter, can be used in schools for interactive teaching and distance learning.
  • HoverCam can be used to scan and archive students school works.
  • HoverCam can be used to trace a tool in tooling design.
  • And the list is growing...

Where do I get the HoverCam Flex Software?

You can download and install the Hovercam Flex Software from our download page.

Is Intel-based Mac OS 10.5 supported by HoverCam?

Yes, absolutely, Intel-based Mac OSX 10.6 and above are supported by HoverCamFlex Software, and Hovercam Express for Mac OSX 10.5

Can I use my HoverCam on my Windows PC?

Yes, absolutely, you can install Adobe AIR 3.0© based HoverCam Flex software on Windows XP/2000/2003, which is fairly demanding in computing power. Or you may choose to install HoverCam Manager software, which is offered complimentary to HoverCam owners.

What program should I use for video recording?

Yes, Apple's QuickTime Player© software is a perfect program for video recording. Just start a New Movie Recording, and choose the camera to be "HoverCam Document Camera".

Do I have to use QuickTime?

No, Google Picasa© has an excellent video capture functionality. Download and install Picasa from Google, start the Picasa program, click on the "Camera Capture" icon, and starting recording.

Can I use my HoverCam on Skype?

Yes, Skype is the perfect software for this purpose. To set up Skype to use HoverCam, please go to: "Preference" > "Video" tab, then select HoverCam Document Camera as the camera and save the configuration. Now you're ready for the video conferencing experience with HoverCam.
HoverCam Support
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