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HoverCam Flex 3.0

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**This software is for use with all HoverCam legacy document cameras: Solo 5, Mini 5, Neo 3, T3, T5. Solo 8 users be sure to use the software (FlexView & FlexCap) that is included with your camera for the optimum experience.**

Hovercam Flex is a Rich Internet Application (RIA), based and developed on Adobe Air 3.0 technology. Because of it, we are able to put together a user-friendly, cross platform, and, most importantly, powerful tool for all of your quick and simple scanning and digital filing needs.

For most of us, capturing the document image is only the beginning. We need a tool to manage digitized documents for storage, emailing, faxing, backing up to cloud, file manipulation, such as saving to PDF. Hovercam Flex does it all, and is free with the purchase of a HoverCam camera.

Video Presentation:
Connect your P.C. or Mac to a projector allowing you to use the images displayed for classroom instruction, or conference presentations with 720p at 25fps.

Screen Recording:
Record live what appears on the screen including real time annotation, as well as Picture-In-Picture and easily save as .avi files. Record as long as you would like, with high compression rate the only limitation is the free space you have available.

With one click, you can instantly capture an image or document and save as a .jpeg, .pdf, .gif, .tiff or .png file format, you can also use the autocapture feature allowing you to save multiple pages over a time lapse, in a multipage .pdf or .tiff file.

Is the fastest way to drag and drop an image file from the HoverCam Flex software to an Application like PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, Gimp, SmartBoard, or any program that allows you to import directly from the Clipboard.

Cloud Integration:
DropBox, Evernote, Picasa, Google Docs, share your scanned images to any of these cloud services.

Archive Manager:
Allows you to view, arrange, and sort your projects through an easy to use, efficient interface.

MSI Installer Package:
This allows network and system administrators to install the HoverCam Flex 3.0 Software package into multiple systems over the network.

Converts the scanned image into text and allows the function of Text-To-Speech to be applied. (Only capable of working single column.)

Upgrade your Document Camera and Start Using Flex 10:
Our newly released Solo 8 document camera now runs an updated version of our Flex software. Learn how you can upgrade your current document camera to get the latest and greatest in document camera technology
HoverCam Software
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